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ByBrain honors the quality of products and services it offers to the clients. The value has been passed on to all who are involved with ByBrain. Our designers and specialists have extensive backgrounds in the fields of graphic designs and fine arts. They have accumulated a tremendous amount of experiences and respect throughout the past decade from various industries such as resorts and hotels, fashion, garment, import and export, real estates, etc.

The professionals at ByBrain take pride in their ability to meet the needs of the clients. You can confidently trust in the quality of product and services you receive from ByBrain.


To ensure a complete success of your website, ByBrain walks along with you and takes care of your needs at every step of the design and construction processes. In order for ByBrain to appropriately propose, design, construct, and deliver a website and/or a sitemap that is specifically tailored to your needs, the following steps must be taken.

1. Choosing the appropriate technical details and specifications

  • Website construction techniques: HTML site, Web Application, Flash Site, Content Management System (CMS), etc.
  • The language used: HTM/ASP/PHP/ASPX/JSP/XML
  • Data format: MS Access/MySQL/MS SQL
  • General looks and feel of the website: format, color tone, cleanliness, speed, animation, ease of updates, etc.
  • Screen pixel: 800x600 or 1024x768
  • Choice of browser and program support and development
  • The extent of product and services expected from ByBrain

2. Outlining basic content and information

In order for ByBrain to effectively design and construct a website, and to offer website strategy that is tailored to your need, it is your responsibility to provide us with all the necessary content and information needed. The content and information include company’s logo, product pictures, product descriptions, brochure and other media currently used, and all other information deemed necessary to your business. All files should be in digital format.

You are initially responsible for the gathering and delivery of content and information. However, if you need help with the construction of certain items such as company’s logo or product pictures, ByBrain offers the services at a reasonable rate on top of the website design and construction fee.

To ensure an on-time delivery of the website, all content and information must be delivered to ByBrain within 30 days of signing of contract.

3. Designing the look and feel of the website

ByBrain immediately works on the construction of the website as soon as all the necessary content and information were received. We schedule a meeting with you to propose an initial design based on the information provided. This is the time for us to work closely with you to make all the appropriate adjustments to the design before we begin the actual development of the website.

4. Developing the website

Once the design has been adjusted and finalized to your satisfaction, the web designers will construct a demonstration site and propose the operative website to you. They will continue to develop the website to meet your specific needs until the design is completed to your specifications and satisfactions.

5. Refining and testing the website

After a test-run and a sign-off on the final design of the website, ByBrain sends you a CD that contains all files on the website, including the information on web, pictures, etc. However, the CD does not include the original source files such as Photoshop, Flash Animation Source files, True Type Fonts, etc.

6. Finalizing the design and construction of the website

Once the design and construction of the website is completed, ByBrain submits your Web Domain and Sitemap onto Google, Yahoo, and other search engines alike. ByBrain continues to resubmit the sitemap onto the search engines after every adjustment made to the website.


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