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ByBrain provides powerful on-line marketing strategies and solutions to your e-commerce, Content Management System (CMS), e-business, web-advertisement, and multimedia design, production, and presentation. You can rest assure that your business will be well-taken care of at every steps, starting from the initial meeting all the way through consultation, web design and development, marketing development, and branding of your products and services.


Web Design and Development

ByBrain offers fresh, innovative, creative, and truly unique HTML, Dynamic HTML, Java Script, Flash Presentation, etc. designs. Our web development specialists and designers have extensive backgrounds in the fields of Fine Arts and Computer Graphic designs. Therefore, they understand the art of communication to the target groups through various forms of media. ByBrain helps build the trust and confidence among your target audience through the WOW effect which inevitably brings about the success of your business.

Internet and E-Commerce Solutions

ByBrain have contributed to the success of many domestic and international e-commerce and on-line companies. We provide our clients with a step-by-step support and services as they develop, improve, or refine their e-commerce and/or on-line businesses and companies. Our goal is to walk along with you as you journey toward achieving the optimal level of success you deserve. ByBrain takes priority in providing you and your customers with comfort, confidence, and security during all on-line businesses transactions. We can also develop a system such as ASP mail, Database Programming, Shopping Cart, SSL, etc to help you collect valuable information on your customers for analysis and marketing purposes.

Web Hosting

ByBrain offers web hosting services necessary to support your website. We can set up an e-mail system, among other systems, that can enhance the operation and development of your business to achieve the success it deserves.

Web Domain Registration

ByBrain offers .com .net .org .info .us .biz web domain registrations. We guide you through the selection and registration processes of your webpage with the domain that is most effective and generates the greatest amount of success for your business.

Web Update and Maintenance

Once you become our client, ByBrain acts on your behalf and continuously monitors the activities and transactions on your website. We make recommendations for updates and maintenance when appropriate. We can work with the existing content on your website regardless of its original creator. We also periodically collect information on your customers for further development and/or improvement. Thus, the needs of your customers are addressed and well taken-care of in a timely manner. Your business is constantly up-to-date under the support and services from ByBrain.

Print Media and Illustration Designs

ByBrain specializes in graphic design and production of all print media and illustration designs for print and artwork. Our print media professionals have accumulated years of experience and are highly qualified to effectively and confidently put them to work to your full satisfaction. The following is a list of products among many other print media services that ByBrain offers.

  • Print advertisement
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Magazines advertisement
  • Business Card
  • Leaflet
  • Poster
  • Brochure
  • Calendar
  • Catalogue
  • Menu
  • Stationary Set
  • Greeting Card
  • Special Event Card
  • Banner
  • Cutout
  • Flag
  • Display Media
  • Promotional Material (POP)]


ByBrain offers a full-service Multimedia Production such as DVD and VCD presentations. We have earned the trust and respect from the on-line industry for our ability to effectively and successfully brand and communicate the product and services to the target groups for our clients.


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